Santa’s Business Tips


Tap into the Wisdom of 300 years of Successful Business Practice.

Love him or hate him, the reputation of this infamous man was singly responsible for changing most of our lives. For over 300 years his business has continued to thrive, survive and even flourish, despite the effects of distribution challenges, advances in technology, growing competition, staff downsizing and a fluctuating World economy. Could your business survive such challenges?

The principal of this global business is a legend in his own time, receiving accolades from the four corners of the Globe. Every day he is in undated with mail from friends and fans who are prepared to pay large sums of money just to be pictured with him.

Through the tips featured here Santa will share his powerful knowledge and experiences as the principal of this global business shares with you the challenges of his business from legal altercations to temperamental team members.

Create Big Dreams
Have Passion for Your Dreams
Really know what Your Customers Want
Investigate Your Competition
Schedule Everything
Train Your Team
Make Sure You Protect Your Brand
Attitude is Everything – Have Fun!
Select an Outstanding Mentor

You and your business will benefit by incorporating Santa’s wisdom and experience. As a result of putting these tips into practice you can develop an outstanding business.

Visit for Santa’s help.


Every week over 40,000 people hear Julian's tips of Business Wisdom on his radio show, so if you are looking for exceptional results from your conference, your organisation, your team, your training program, or your career, then you need to call Julian Campbell. With over 35 years of practical hands-on experience as a senior executive, business owner, business builder and consultant across dozens of industries, Julian has been instrumental in building up numerous organisations, and businesses through planned growth, organizational and culture changes; transforming the lives and businesses of a multitude of people through his great ability to foster change through his caring attitude, vision focus and bottom line realism.

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